I would like to make new work early.

I do not have spare time busily these days.

I say gratitude to you who evaluated Disk extermination.
By the ability to also shorten work time, since appearance is also good, I use monochrome too and feel that it was a correct answer.
I would like to use a next project as the work which thought a feeling of a scale, and speediness as important.

I would like to carry out the opinion obtained from you to encouragement of the next work to reference.

Thank you for evaluating Disk extermination.

It is a long time.

2008-01-03 07:52:33 by NOBU777

I will need your help well for one year this year also.

It catches its breath now.

2007-11-18 06:57:23 by NOBU777

Although the work has been continuously submitted for the past several days, I would like to return to new work manufacture. Since I have width in a style, the work submitted to the next may be a thing which cannot meet your expectation, but please allow in how then. Instead, even though it makes the work which played a trick, he plans to do with might and main. Then, let's meet the inside close to you!

nobuyishi sakashita

It catches its breath now.

I am making FLASH anime in the remote district in Japan. It is NOBUYOSHI SAKASHITA.
Since he would like to submit a work diligently from now on, I need your help well.