Entry #1

How do you do? It is NOBUYOSHI SAKASHITA.

2007-11-14 04:18:07 by NOBU777

I am making FLASH anime in the remote district in Japan. It is NOBUYOSHI SAKASHITA.
Since he would like to submit a work diligently from now on, I need your help well.


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2007-11-14 05:08:37

Yo konichiwa. Nice to meetcha. Keep up your work cause it's awsome. Later.

NOBU777 responds:

Thank you for taking to my work. Since he would like to submit many works from now on, please aid.


2007-11-17 23:49:53

I enjoy your work so much. Thank you. I look forward to more of your animations.

NOBU777 responds:

Thank you for the aid. I would like to do my best aiming at the work of contents which do not betray expectation. since -- when free, please look in at this.


2007-11-18 05:04:33

May I be so bold to ask who is this 'he'?