It catches its breath now.

2007-11-18 06:57:23 by NOBU777

Although the work has been continuously submitted for the past several days, I would like to return to new work manufacture. Since I have width in a style, the work submitted to the next may be a thing which cannot meet your expectation, but please allow in how then. Instead, even though it makes the work which played a trick, he plans to do with might and main. Then, let's meet the inside close to you!

nobuyishi sakashita

It catches its breath now.


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2007-11-18 07:56:43

Go jap! Kick them ass! lol


2007-11-19 12:12:14

Daijyoubu yo, zenbu daijyoubu. Yukki yasunde kudasai. Moshi, sugi no Flash anime tsuritai toki, yukkuri ni shite. Ok desu. Flash anime, arigatou ne. DAIfan desu yo, watashi saa.


2007-12-12 12:02:30

I love your work here and I'm amazed that you arent widely praised as an animator here.


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