Thank you for evaluating Disk extermination.

2008-01-06 06:55:06 by NOBU777

I say gratitude to you who evaluated Disk extermination.
By the ability to also shorten work time, since appearance is also good, I use monochrome too and feel that it was a correct answer.
I would like to use a next project as the work which thought a feeling of a scale, and speediness as important.

I would like to carry out the opinion obtained from you to encouragement of the next work to reference.

Thank you for evaluating Disk extermination.


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2008-01-06 07:21:49

Id love to help you out with music for the next one!

the music needed some extra OOMPH in the last so...

NOBU777 responds:

Possibly it needed to readjust about music.


2008-01-06 08:56:14

Yeah. I still think that the most lacking part in your movies so far has been the sounds and the music. Everything else brilliant though.

NOBU777 responds:

If it says so, I am glad, but I would like to improve about sound too.


2008-01-07 21:07:45

I love Japanese perfectionism.


2008-01-16 08:30:51

I really enjoy your animation style. I look forward to your future work.


2008-01-17 08:47:21

"and speediness as important."

Agility is an amazing thign to hone.

HOW LONG DID The cap oppener man took?!


2008-04-26 19:27:13

How are your flashes scores so low?!